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              分類:品正理念     發布日期:2016-09-29 15:57:39     
                Read more than 20 good books. Make notes and keep them well. Donate your own books to the Pin Zheng Book Club.
                Join the Sunshine Volunteer Association and ensure 20 hours of volunteer work within three years. Keep the red cap and the volunteer certificate as lifelong souvenirs.
                Participate in school societies. Cultivate a good interest and basically master this skill.
                Take part in the following activities :Talent show, Sports Festival,New Year's Party, Graduation Party, Debate Competition, Comic  contest, the Voice of Jingmen No.1 High school and other recreational activities.
                Publicly published at least one article on the Wechat ,the school newspaper or on the school website. Or edit a collection of class works as the memory of wonderful campus life.
                Show on the school television programmes. Less serious to both others and self. Discover the fun around you.
                Deal in the Pin Zheng Fair and share the items that you cherish with schoolmates.
                Cultivate a sport hobby and insist on it through life. Run about 600 kilometers within 3 years.
                Instantly share information about Jingmen No.1 High school from wechat (hbsjmyz) to your friends. Read and collect 30 copies of school newspaper in total.
                Enjoy the rocking chairs and swings in our school. Regularly use the free wifi on campus. Taste the various delicious snacks in the school store.
                Be awarded as the four-star student or higher rank.
                Obtain a reward for great progress and enjoy the special bread flavour with “Pinzheng Energy” coupons.