About the Drifting Isle Chronicles

In January 2012, a team of fantasy authors began an ambitious new project. These strangers, each with a unique writing style and genre focus, came together to create a new fictional world that would blend the mechanical wizardry of steampunk with the classic magic and mystery of epic fantasy.

As the weeks passed, the authors created a sprawling city peopled with all manners of aristocrats, inventors, artists, scholars, travelers, and of course, sinister criminals. But strangest of all was the ancient island that they placed among the clouds above the skyscrapers.

And then each author took a separate piece of this new world and wrote their own novel about it: a journey of discovery, a crime thriller, a tale of magic, and an investigation into the long forgotten secrets of a lost civilization.

New stories will be told in this series. The first three books will be released in Spring 2013, the fourth later in the year. A fifth book is due in early 2014, and more are planned.

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The Drifting Isle Team
Joseph Robert Lewis
Charlotte E. English
Kat Parrish
MeiLin Miranda

Fellow Traveler
Coral Moore

Cover Artist
Elsa Kroese

Lynn Siprelle